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Although dogs are known to be meat-eaters, a variety of fruits for dogs can provide them with an excellent source of essential vitamins, antioxidants, nutrients, and hydration. The natural sugars and fibres in fruits can aid digestion and […]
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You may be surprised to learn that your dogs’ eating habits change season to season. If your dog starts to eat less in summer, you would be forgiven for thinking they have become ‘fussy’. We also have some […]
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Any behaviour that discourages another from taking, getting too close or sharing an object or valued area. Sometimes called possessive aggression. What is resource guarding? Resource guarding is when a dog exhibits behaviours like a look, head turn, slight baring of the teeth, growling, air […]
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Pain is essential as it helps protect the body from harm, but it can also be challenging to identify in dogs. Understanding pain in dogs and getting veterinary referrals are important in behaviour modification. Pain is an uncomfortable […]
Dog behaviour problems
For years, scientists debated whether animals experience emotions at all.  It is widely accepted amongst ethologists that animals with a centralised nervous system are sentient beings and can perceive an environment and think through reactions.   The UK’s Government published […]
dog owners new year resolutions
Do you often set resolutions in the New Year for yourself? Well, have you thought about doing some for your dog!  Looking out for them and their well-being goes hand in hand with our own. A happy dog has […]
Separation anxiety in dogs
If We Are Anxious, Can Our Dogs Become Anxious Too? Anxiety disorders are not contagious in the literal term but there is a correlation between atypical anxious behaviours in dogs and anxiety in their caregivers. As a specialist […]
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How To Find and Choose The Best Dog Behaviourist In The West Midlands Whether you have a new puppy or a slightly older dog exhibiting poor canine behaviour, the sensible solution would be to seek advice from the […]
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You don’t have to rehome or euthanize your dog. They were there for YOU last year, so be there for THEM now.  As a dog behaviour expert and, I am now seeing more and more cases of anxious […]
Separation anxiety
When your dog has behaviour issues, use kind methods to help resolve them If you have ever owned a dog, you know how unique wonderful they are. Some dogs never have any behavioural issues and take everything in their stride, […]