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Scentwork for dogs

How To Find and Choose The Best Dog Behaviourist In The West Midlands

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Whether you have a new puppy or a slightly older dog exhibiting poor canine behaviour, the sensible solution would be to seek advice from the experts. Before beginning this process, you must understand the difference between a dog trainer and a dog behaviourist. A dog trainer focuses predominantly on the fundamental aspects of owning a dog. This would include teaching basic commands such as sit, stay, recall, lead work and even sports such as agility or canicross.

On the other hand, a dog behaviour expert focuses on solving dog behaviour problems such as separation anxiety, aggression or other more severe and challenging behaviours.

Both experts are equally important for your pet, but before you begin your search, ensure you understand what type of support and assistance you require. This article is designed to focus on finding a dog behaviourist so let’s discuss the factors you should take into consideration.

Recommendations and Veterinary Referrals

The number one reason dog owners approach a dog behaviourist is a result of a veterinary referral. Sometimes the dog owner will come to a vet to check for a medical issue and once the vet has ruled out any medical problem, then they might refer the dog to an animal behaviour expert. A vet takes the care of animals very seriously and so any dog behaviourist they recommend is likely to be excellent.

At The Confident K9, we regularly receive referrals from vets all across the West Midlands, something of which we are immensely proud. Another good barometer is recommendations from fellow pet owners who have benefited personally from a specific animal behaviourist. A The Confident K9 we also get many referrals from dog walkers across the West Midlands as they can help identify when an owner should seek help to improve a dog’s behaviour.

Does The Dog Trainer or Behaviourist Have Relevant Insurance

Before settling on an expert to help you solve your dog’s behaviour problem, always ask about the type of insurance they have. Although it is improbable that anything would go wrong, you want to ensure that the behaviourist you choose is fully insured, including liability insurance.

Every reputable dog trainer and behaviourist should have insurance and would never be offended if asked this question by any prospective behaviour and training client.

What is The Dog Training Philosophy of The Dog Trainer?

At The Confident K9 we are totally committed to a rewards-based system when undertaking dog behaviour consultations. The key to developing an excellent dog and owner relationship revolves, in our opinion, around the concept of strengthening and nurturing that bond. This training style delivers superior results, helps develop the dogs’ trust in their owner and ultimately ensures a happy dog.

Regardless of the behavioural issues, there is no need for dominance, fear or punishment style training which could ultimately create more problems than it solves.

What Qualifications Do The Company’s Dog Trainers or Behaviourists Have?

Another key way to validate the skillset and suitability of any dog trainers is to ask about the qualifications they possess which demonstrates their ability to understand and train dogs. There are numerous training and behaviourist organisations spread across the United Kingdom, many of which offer some form of accreditation. Some of these dog behaviour organisations include:

The Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT)
Pet Professional Guild (PPG)
Institute of Modern Dog Trainers (IMDT)
Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC)
Animal Behaviour and Training Council (ABTC)

Confirm the Cost of Their Canine Behaviour Courses and What This Includes

Dog Behaviourist West Midlands

Always remember that you are the customer and do not be scared to ask the important questions. At The Confident K9 when it comes to behaviour sessions, we operate a one animal behaviourist, one dog policy. This ensures an accurate evaluation and diagnosis of the problem(s) and also offer you the personal support you need.

Sometimes we bring with us an experienced dog handler and stooge dog to assist with the sessions. These are generally for specific problems such as dog reactivity where a controlled training set up is essential for the behaviour modification.

Behaviour problems are not fixed in one session so ask if they offer package deals with ongoing follow up consultations where required? If the dog training classes do involve other dogs, what is the ratio of dogs to trainers? What happens after the training session? Are there reports or training guides for you as an owner to work through until the following training and behaviour session? Do they offer home visits or online sessions to see the dog in their own surroundings where their behaviour could be very different?

These are all questions that you should consider when choosing where to take your dog. When choosing a trainer to work on your dog’s behaviour, you should feel confident that they know what they are doing, can explain in a way you understand and can deliver the transformation in your dog’s behaviour that you are seeking.

The Confident K9 – The Premier Dog Behaviourist in The West Midlands

At The Confident K9, we have many years of experience within the industry, with hundreds of satisfied and happy customers and dogs. We have used our unique approach and methods on all of the different breeds of dog and we know we can resolve the behaviour problems your dog is experiencing. Our amazing trainers never give up with any dog and we have many testimonials from previous clients who have benefitted from our expert advice.

Our focus revolves around animal welfare and devising innovative and creative plans, occasionally working with other specialists to deal with every behaviour problem. Owning a dog with behavioural issues can be extremely stressful so if you are at the end of your tether but refuse to give up on your dog then we are the dog training company you have been searching for.

Contact us today to discuss your problems and together we will find the solution to your dog behaviour issues.

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