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You don’t have to rehome or euthanize your dog.

They were there for YOU last year, so be there for THEM now. 

As a dog behaviour expert and, I am now seeing more and more cases of anxious dogs as a knock-on effect of last year’s lockdown. This was slightly more delayed than I had first thought. Perhaps this is because many businesses have continued to allow their staff to work from home or partly from home.

A whopping 3.2 million households in the UK bought pets last year.  About 74% say their pet helped them with their mental health while they were coping with coronavirus restrictions.

In 2019/20 the number of pet dogs owned in the UK was 9 million and in 2020/21 it shot up to 12.5 million, the highest it has ever been. (Ref

The Covid 19 Pet Welfare Crisis

Today, we are in a Covid 19 pet welfare crisis as the country’s vets struggle to cope with the sheer volume of pets, many practices now have a waiting list for new patients. The pressure this has put on all professionals has not yet fully had its impact as we now turn to shelters taking on these lockdown puppies.

Sadly already 5% of the pandemic puppies have already been rehomed and the ongoing fear is the increase of euthanasia of fit, healthy dogs. Sadly, behavioural issues are one of the most common reasons why dog owners choose to euthanize their dogs. According to the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons euthanasia may be defined as ‘painless killing to relieve suffering’ and should not be blurred with the owners own physical or psychological suffering.

Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Separation related issues are a growing trend with people going back to work and leaving their dogs at home. We have been campaigning to raise awareness that training needed to start months ago, owners are now being left with unhappy dogs. You see, our dogs who have been by our side this whole time, are now being left alone all or part of the day without any preparation. This can be very confusing and upsetting for the dog.

It’s Not Too Late to Treat Separation Anxiety

It is not too late! At whatever level your dog is with separation anxiety, get in touch with a professional straight away. There is SO much you can do to help your dog be comfortable and relaxed if you know how.

We don’t want owners not knowing what to do. At The Confident K9 we have specialised behavioural modification plans for those dogs suffering from separation anxiety. Check out our separation anxiety training packages here and please contact us at to find out more.

Instead of giving up your dog to the local shelter or having it euthanized, what help is out there?

We completely understand that having an unruly, destructive or aggressive dog is stressful. Euthanasia is a difficult and upsetting decision for any dog owner, but let me tell you this…what if there were other options?

Many dog owners do not realise that with some help, their dogs can improve much quicker than they realise. Although not all cases can be ‘fixed’, getting professional help can fast-track the improvement in your dog’s behaviour even within the first week.

There is obviously no quick fix or magic wand for behavioural issues. However, within a few weeks of training, your life could be so much better and you have kept the pet that helped YOU through your mental struggles last year.

Our pets deserve our compassion. Especially as so many people got a dog during the pandemic to help ease their own loneliness and boredom. Many people didn’t think of the longer-term commitments including what would they do with the dog. Check out our blog here to see why.

World-renowned dog behaviourist in West Midlands

Whatever the training or behavioural issues you are experiencing, please reach out for help. Adelaide from The Confident K9 is a world-renowned dog behaviourist based in the West Midlands and offers behavioural help via video call which is highly successful and popular. If you need help fast, then get in touch as we always make time for emergency calls. The last thing we want is for you to give up your dog.

These very dogs we took on early in the pandemic were there for us when we needed them so let’s be there for them now even as our commitments change. Whether this is financial, work-related, family, time or any other reason we can at least advise you on what options you have.

Dog behaviour expert Adelaide Stewart-Jones of The Confident K9 says ‘If you are stressed about your dog’s behaviour, get in touch with me and I will help you. What owners don’t realise is that many behaviours are resolved in a reasonable time. Nothing is instant of course, but huge improvements can be seen in the first few weeks. I work closely with vets, working long hours to ensuring the dog’s welfare is kept a priority.  Our goal is to get your dog happy again.’

Before you give up your dog to the already pressured shelters, consider other options. Is your dog really a bad dog? What if getting professional help could actually make the behaviour issues better? What if you don’t have to tell your son or daughter that their best friend will be rehomed or euthanized? Check out our behaviour training packages here.

To get help fast, please contact us on 07557 301161 or so we can understand the issues you are having and give you some guidance straight away.

Your chance to win free dog behaviour training sessions

Also, we wanted to allow our services to be accessible to dog owners in financial need.  We have therefore decided to give away a behaviour training package completely FREE! Keep an eye out on our website and social media pages for this amazing opportunity which will be announced soon.

Adelaide Stewart-Jones BSc (Hons) IMDT

Dog Behaviourist and Accredited Trainer

The Confident K9 Limited

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