dog owners new year resolutions

Do you often set resolutions in the New Year for yourself? Well, have you thought about doing some for your dog! 

Looking out for them and their well-being goes hand in hand with our own. A happy dog has a happy owner. 

Here are ten New Year resolutions for dog owners to get you started positively in 2022:  

1. “I will devote 10 minutes per day to training my dog.”

2. “I will provide my dog at least 30 minutes per day of mental stimulation or brain games.”

3. “I will spend time researching my dog’s breed (if known) and learn about their specific health needs, physical activity needs, breed-specific traits, and what they were originally bred for.”

4. “I will join a specialised dog sport, class or activity with my dog.”

5. “I will join a local social dog club or Facebook group and keep up to date with pet-friendly events in my area.”

6. “I will take my dog out of the house at least once a day.”

7. “I will hire a trainer and have my dog’s behavioral issue resolved.”

8. “I will clicker train my dog and teach them a minimum of one new trick per month.”

9. “I will take the pressure off my dog and simply play with them for 5 minutes every day. Enjoy each other’s company, laugh, and just have fun.”

10. “I will weigh my dog once a month to make sure they are not overweight. Being overweight causes health issues that are preventable.” 

🐾 Let us know if these have inspired you to add some dog-centered dog owners’ New Year resolutions! Also if you have any more ideas on what to suggest for resolutions, let us know in the comments. 

And to answer resolution number 7, get in touch and we will happily advise on our dog training or behaviour sessions

Wishing all our clients and followers a very Happy New Year! 🎉🥂 

Love and happiness to you all for the coming year 😊 

Adelaide, Bonnie and Mako ❤️🐕🦈 x x x

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dog owners new year resolutions

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