Dog food
You may be surprised to learn that your dogs’ eating habits change season to season. If your dog starts to eat less in summer, you would be forgiven for thinking they have become ‘fussy’. We also have some […]
Competition dog training
What does IGP stand for in the dog sport Schutzhund (German for ‘Protection Dog’)? IGP is short for Internationale Gebrauchshund Pruefung, which is a German competition sport previously known as IPO or Schutzhund. It originated at the beginning of this […]
dog owners new year resolutions
Do you often set resolutions in the New Year for yourself? Well, have you thought about doing some for your dog!  Looking out for them and their well-being goes hand in hand with our own. A happy dog has […]
Scentwork for dogs
We wanted to share what a success our ‘Introduction to Scentwork and Agility’ workshop was on Saturday. Jointly hosted by Reef Agility and The Confident K9 we wanted to thank everyone for coming and hope you all had […]
Dog training
Once you try scentwork with your dog, you definitely get hooked! Have you tried it yet? We highly recommend it as it is so simple and doesn’t have to cost anything. Many owners simply start with the dogs […]
Scentwork for dogs
Do you realise how good sniffing is for your dogs health? Well let me share with you that a whopping 41% of the dogs brain is dedicated to scenting. Proportionally speaking, this area of the brain which is […]