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Dog training courses – tell us what you want to achieve, and we design a personalised training plan for you and your dog. Our courses are ideal for dog owners who want help to train good obedience with their dogs. Skills learnt can be teaching your dog to walk nicely on the lead, recall, jumping up at visitors, focus, impulse control, trick training, good manners and general obedience.

A bespoke training plan is made especially for you to help guide you to success. We give you our undivided attention in our 1:1 sessions so you can see significant improvement within a week of our first session.

If you are unsure which course is right for you, you can book a 30-minute telephone call with us to discuss. Follow the drop-down key and select ‘Telephone Advice – 30mins’.


Your dog is a beloved family member, so why not invest in their education? By dedicating time and effort to their training, you can ensure they become the best possible companion for you and your family.  Our 1:1 dog and puppy training sessions are ideal for owners who want to improve their relationship and understanding of their dog, develop a good level of obedience and improve their handler skills.

With our training program, you can learn how to handle issues such as pulling on the lead, recall, jumping at visitors, focus, impulse control, trick training, puppy training, good manners, and general obedience. We offer a bespoke training plan tailored to your needs to guide you to success. Our 1:1 sessions ensure that you experience significant improvement within the first week.

If your dog has behavioural issues, please click here for our puppy training course.

If you have any questions before you book the course, please contact us here.

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Basic, Progressive, Superior, Distracted Dog Masterclass, Recall Masterclass, Loose Lead Walking Masterclass, Telephone Advice – 30mins, Follow-up Session – In Person, Follow-up Session – Video Call


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