Dog behaviour modification

I was called out as this gorgeous little chap called Bentley lunged and barked at literally everything that moved when on walks and it had become incredibly stressful for his owners. They were at their wits end feeling very frustrated.

After our initial assessment and seeing how stressed he was, we recommended that he was kept to house and garden rest for 10 days. This is to remove the exposure to the stressful objects completely, preventing him from additional release of cortisol and adrenocortical – the two main stress hormones. This is to allow the body to naturally break down the residual stress hormones and allow him to feel more relaxed before even starting any training with him.

After his respite, we then started the behaviour modification work and so far we are pleased to say we have significant improvement. In the above video of Bentley, you can see that he still lunged at the moped but when the bus when by, he actually ‘checked in’ with his owner and did not react. This would have been impossible before we started our sessions.

Behaviour modification takes a long time, so we wanted to share with you the progress so far because Bentley’s mum and dad are doing really well. We are excellent at coaching owners, explaining things clearly and explaining why we are doing things so they understand the whole process.

As you can see from the end of the video, we already now have a much happier and relaxed Bentley.

Adelaide Stewart-Jones BSc (Hons) IMDT

Dog Behaviourist and Accredited Trainer


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