Online dog training


Online dog training

Is Online Dog Training Effective?

Yes absolutely! Welcoming a dog into your family is a big decision and one that should not be taken lightly. If you are choosing a young puppy, then always remember that you are taking on a lifelong commitment and that those little bundles of fluff do eventually grow up. Likewise, if you are adopting or rehoming an older dog, they may already have gained bad habits that need to be worked on.

Dog training helps to increase the beautiful bond owners have with their dogs. Studies show that people who own pets are happier and less stressed.

The Benefits of Online One to One Training 

  • In the current climate, no risk of catching Covid 19 (or other diseases)
  • Lessons continue even if you have to self-isolate
  • In-depth one to one help
  • Train your dog from the comfort of your own home
  • No need to travel
  • Flexible hours
  • Lesson shared with family who are in different locations. Get everyone involved
  • Delivers the same quality of teaching
  • Sessions not weather dependant
  • No need to get wet or cold
  • Daylight not needed in the winter months
  • You can drink a cup of tea while you learn!
  • You can do it on a mobile phone, tablet, laptop or desktop
  • Better for anxious or overexcited dogs
  • Great for behavioural issues
  • Jump start your puppy training, don’t wait for puppy vaccines
  • Bespoke puppy programme
  • Depending on who you go with, you may have access to a celebrity trainer!
  • All the skills you need right from day 1
  • An improvement in the dog’s behaviour even in week 1
  • One to one help whenever you need
  • Individual courses just for you
  • Great resource to get your dog’s education right!
  • Learn how to apply positive training methods
  • Excellent brain training for dog and owner
  • Group classes are not for everyone. No need to feel self-conscious with online classes
  • One on one help where most dogs will progress quickly
  • You are shown exactly what to do and then practice with the instructor watching you

Why Should I Choose An Online Dog Training Course?

Many people ask how is it possible to train a dog via video call? Well, let us tell you that online training boomed in popularity in ALL businesses at the start of the Covid 19 pandemic. With the use of technology and affordable communication devices, businesses soon adapted and were allowed to continue normally due to remote communication.

This was a huge eye-opener to businesses that were previously dubious on how people actually worked efficiently and effectively from home. The increase in popularity of group classes for both adults and children such as yoga, gym, dance, music and of course dog trainingmeant that we could keep doing our hobbies without any restrictions. This also meant that our children and dogs didn’t miss out! Online dog training courses have been a huge success.

As some restrictions lifted many businesses have actually seen the benefit of allowing their employees to work from home or partly from home. This means that almost anything is possible to do remotely. We might also add that there isn’t the uncertainty of classes cancelling or owners having to isolate. With virtual classes, none of these matter and we all can carry on learning each week regardless.

We noticed that our classes were far more inclusive online as we get the whole family involved at the same time. This makes it fun for children, as they are often given fun games to do with the dog and the adults are given the more advanced tricks. This really makes it a fun, inclusive family experience for all including the dog!

With online dog training courses, all family members can take part and learn about good training methods, potty training, not pulling on the lead, recall and other tips that will ultimately deliver a well-behaved and happy dog.

Some of the younger members of the family may be quite shy and not want to be put in the spotlight at a group class. For these self-conscious members, having private tuition in the comfort of their own home will really boost their confidence. We often find that even if the children watch the parents training the dog while the tutor is on the screen, they often want to join in.

How does dog training online work? 

Essentially, it is exactly the same as having the trainer there in person. The way things are taught is no different and are often demonstrated by the trainer first before you put the exercises into practice. You are coached in real-time by the trainer as you practice so they can help you get everything right.

Your dog or puppy will actually be able to focus far, far better at home than in a group class. This means that you will see progress quicker. Plus you will be on a tailored training programme designed specifically for you and your dog.

Online resources 

Another benefit of online dog training is that you and your family are provided with numerous online dog training resources, which you can refer to outside of the class.

It is a much more interactive way of learning and instead of a group class where you leave and get very little support between sessions from the trainer, the online version is much more interactive and supportive. You generally have the trainer on the other end of the phone to answer any questions you have along the way. Dog training doesn’t always go as smoothly as planned so having that extra support is so important.

With online dog training, you are not only receiving the best dog training programme specifically designed for you but also, at least initially, you do not have to deal with other dogs distracting you during training.

You will benefit from training techniques to help you with issues such as how to introduce your new dog safely to existing dogs in the house or how to deal with separation anxiety, to more basic obedience issues such as recall and not pulling on the lead.

The focus of an online training program is customised for you and your dog.

In group classes, the entire focus is generally on the dog trainer and they do not have time to spend time working with each dog individually. With an online trainer, they offer you their full attention and training support to help you reach your goals.

How to Choose The Best Online Dog Trainer For You

It is essential to understand that not all online classes are created equally, so you must do some research before signing up for any particular dog trainer. Personal recommendations or looking at reviews is always an excellent way to discover a good online dog trainer.

At The Confident K9, we have thousands of satisfied customers, many of whom will be happy to give you their feedback on our online classes and their dog training experience. Take a look at our reviews on Facebook and Google to read what our past clients say about us. You can also check our free YouTube videos if you want to start training right now. Check out our YouTube channel here:

Contact the trainer via their website and see how quickly they respond to your inquiry as this can be a good barometer of how they may treat you should you become a customer. Do they offer any free options on YouTube, Facebook or Instagram so you can see their training style and methods? What other free resources do they offer?

As dog owners, ensure that the online dog training courses you choose have a policy of only teaching using ethical training methods. A positive reinforcement method of training is quite simply using reinforcement to reward good behaviour so it is more likely to happen again. These types of trainers never use physical force, intimidation or fear to ‘bully’ or ‘dominate’ your dog to exhibit a specific behaviour. Most dogs respond very well to a more positive way of learning.

Check the company website to verify what qualifications and training skills the trainers possess and also what online resources they offer as part of the package.

Online classes for dog owners

There is a big difference between pre-recorded online courses for dog training and personalised online dog training. Some companies offer online training courses, which consist of a series of recorded videos that can be watched repeatedly and at a time of your choosing.

Although there may appear to be some benefits to this type of approach, we believe that personal consultations are a far superior option. 1:1 online training packages should be designed to help new puppy owners get personalised help and advice from a qualified, friendly and knowledgeable accredited trainer.

In our view, a bespoke puppy course should be designed and tailored specifically for that individual puppy as well as taking into account what means most to the owner about training this dog. Some owners say they really wish to be able to walk their dog on the lead without pulling, others say they wish nothing more than to have an inseparable bond with their dog or they dream of being able to confidently let their dog off the lead.

Training your dog or puppy should start the day you bring them home before bad habits creep in or to quickly remove a pre-existing unwanted behaviour such as barking which is common in rescue dogs.

Establishing your foundations for training is usually done under the age of six months. Studies show that the success of puppy training is directly linked to the age at which it is started – the younger, the better.

Any reputable company should offer a fifteen to twenty minute free consultation to allow you to explain your problems and get to know the trainer. This gives you the opportunity to say what you would like to achieve from the training sessions and be able to discuss some realistic goals with your trainer.

Online dog training is an excellent option and is significantly more flexible than traditional training methods for people with a busy schedule. If you are interested in having your dog trained using our proven methods, then contact us today to arrange a free online consultation.

How much does virtual dog training cost? 

Our initial 20min phone consultation is completely free. We want to know all about what issues you are experiencing and what you would like to achieve with your dog. We always want to help you reach those goals and make sure we are the right trainers for you.

You get much more 1:1 support during your weekly 1:1 sessions with the trainer but you also get lots of digital resources for you to read between sessions. This really helps you to understand the training you have done with the trainer that week.

These resources are extremely helpful as sometimes there is a lot to take in during the sessions so having some bedtime reading or watching can really help things to become clear.

Broadly speaking, you get what you pay for. A good online trainer should cost the same as a face-to-face trainer. Ultimately it is the knowledge and experience the trainer has. Both styles of teaching follow the same process and will give you the same amount of attention.

Can I Do A Free Trial So I Know What To Expect? 

Yes of course you can! At The Confident K9 we understand that many of you may want to know how it all works before signing up to training programs. We are very happy to do a free 20min meet and greet video call with us so we can show you our studio and so you get the feel of exactly how online one to one dog training works. If you like what you see, you are welcome to join any of our online courses.

Please fill out the contact form here to book your free meet and greet.

Will I have a well behaved dog? 

Definitely! The sooner you start your dog’s education, the better. With all the training tips you can find online, It can be quite overwhelming and conflicting in many ways. The last thing you want is to confuse your dog. The great thing about getting a virtual trainer is you can start as soon as you get your dog. No need to wait for vaccinations and no opportunity for those bad habits to creep in.

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