Dog obedience training


I am excited to announce I am now an approved instructor of The Dog Training College!

dog training college - approved instructor

The Dog Training College is committed to training dogs using only fun, fair and effective training methods.

Our core values that underpin our ethos are:

FUN – to ensure that training is fun for both owner and dog.

FAIR – to never use any aversive training equipment (Prong Collars, Checks, Chokes, E-Collars, Slip Leads, Pet Corrector etc).

EFFECTIVE – to ensure that we are always progressing our own knowledge with modern and up-to-date methods to ensure our clients are consistently seeing results.

We believe that positive dog training should be accessible to everyone. 

Personal development is key to keeping up to date with modern methods. Education evolves so fast and CPD is always important. I never go stale and get stuck in my ways. The new things I learn I always share with my clients. Knowledge sharing is so rewarding when you see the results and transformation in the dogs.

A big thank you to The Dog Training College

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